Sarah van den Bosch is a visual storyteller and designer. she studied Production Design at the Filmacademy in Amsterdam. she has done the production design for the graduation films 'Onbewaakt ogenblik' and was the painter and production designer for the animation 'Verlangen'. Sarah worked as an art department assistant on the televisions shows 'eng' by VPRO/ Pupkin Film and 'sense8' by NETFLIX at Rabotsky art department. She currently works as assistant art department on the children serie 'lampje'. In her own artistic work she makes illustrations  of people, objects and landscapes that inspire her.  these ideas lead to new stories she wants publish in either film, a book or any medium that works for the story she wants tot tell.
by revealing her work and progress on this website she likes to give a peek in her style and show her handling of different media.
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